Todd Kramis Photography
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Throughout my youth I was raised with an appreciation of the beauty of all that surrounded me, and continues to this very day. The simpler things in life are brought to my attention while spending time outdoors with my father. My mother never misses an opportunity to share her appreciation for the dynamic palette of colors exhibited in a sunset.

Photography is less about having a bag of photographic equipment, worth more than the car that hauls it, than it is about having "the eye" to frame and capture the beauty you see. Photography is less about having a famous name, and more about the heart and motivation with which you capture the moment. These principles apply to all of art, and life as a whole.

Heart and emotion, is the very essence of art. No matter the artistic medium, what is put into a work of art is exactly what that work of art will release when viewed.

In my case, I am a bit of a historian. Photographic art captures a moment in time that will never be again. My subject matter of choice is arguably the most diverse and fluid of them all, nature.

It is that magnificent beauty, which was lovingly created for us to enjoy, that I endeavor to capture, with a heart of love, for you to enjoy.

Light dispels darkness, this is a fact. It is my heart of believing that love and light inherent in these images will pour forth into the room, and dispel the darkness that endeavors to creep into our lives day by day with unrelenting persistence.

I have had many different jobs in my life; but of all of the occupations that have occupied my time, few of them will have had the far-reaching effects of the artwork before you.